Yo Gotti – Pride To The Side Lyrics

Produced By: The Youngstars

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[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]

My soulmate, my kid's mother
My better half, my baby mama
My down bitch, my crime partner
She a bitch when I get mad, my lil' doctor
Put my pride to the side fuck you heard a nigga
I'm fucking Hoes but feeling like you don't deserve a nigga
How could I leave you shawty? You put in work for niggas
Fed time on the line you hold in work for niggas
I crossed the line so many times but I couldn't take it shawty
I seen them pics inside ya phone and tried to fake it shawty
Yeah you hurt a nigga, heart aching shawty

But you know me just bein me I had to take it shawty
Look you dead in the eyes and said "believe that"
I'm fightin I'm fussin just askin where my keys at
Bitch, where my keys at?

[Hook: Yo Gotti]

I'm puttin that pride to the side
I'm puttin my pride to the side
This song hurt a nigga eyes
Fuck it, but I just wanna apologize
I'm puttin my pride to the side

[Verse 2: Yo Gotti]

I grew up with this nigga he was like my right hand
We sold the packs of cocaine and robbed the weed man
We played the pewee football he was the best achiever
He was the corner back, the running back, and the wide receiver
On some plenty my nigga I loved him like a brother
It was like my mother his mother we shared the same brothers
And I'm getting money, 16 I had a hundred stacks
I heard rumors my nigga been dippin in the pack
Damn, my nigga been dippin in the pack
They say he gone into powder graduated from crack
I wouldn't believe it my nigga what type of shit is that?
Then I seen it myself, had to face the facts

[Outro: Yo Gotti]

Damn homie, so you really on that shit?
What type of shit is that?
Come on homes, can't be that hard
Can't be that bad my nigga
Damn, I'm puttin my pride to the side
I said I'm puttin my pride to the side
Man these streets done hurt a nigga you feel me?
This song hurt a nigga eyes
Fuck it, and I just wanna apologize
See know what I mean, when you come from that life nigga
A lot of shit you see you don't wanna see
A lot of days you live you don't wanna live you know what I mean?
People change nigga shit happens
That bitch you met know what I mean she don't be the same bitch a million dollars later my nigga
You feel me?
They say money change niggas
Money change niggas around niggas you can believe that
I had to put my pride to the side
I am, I said I am homie, I am
Everything I said I was, pussy
I put my pride to the side
I'm out

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