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Boy this is the last look that you'll ever take
Before I walk away
Told you once I told you twice to change your ways
Now you want me to stay
Got it twisted
I ain't never love nobody like this before
And I ain't never been so crazy blind
Call yourself a player, well I'm out the door
Think I'm coming back, you out your mind

Let's get down to the nitty gritty
Ain't no other chick fuckin with me
You already know
That I'm that chick, you already know I'm that chick
So I'm gone let you do what you do
Won't take long to forget you
You already know
That I'm that chick
You already know I'm that chick

Boy I bet you feeling kinda dumb at this moment
You're on your own
I got my gucci Louis fendi in the trunk
And I don't give a fuck
I'm leaving you Alone

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