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Trap booming, game booming
Trap booming, everything booming
When we in our cars, they be zooming zooming zooming
You ain't get no bread unless you booming booming booming

[Verse 1]
Trap booming, money I'm consuming
Chemical L, we done sound so unruly
We in here, after we done
Spongebob watch, you know them yellow bricks moving
Leather seats cooling, yellow jacket Polo
Stay in a nigga head til he swagger jacking no mo'
Call it crack promo, in your state and out your state
I came to drop the work off, in your face and out your face
Baking soda, water, bank'll roll quarters
Bald head, giant-bred, taking over Georgia
Submarine limousine, the cargo underwater
After-hours tapping, now we're on the stroll, squad up


[Verse 2]
You don't know about me
I consume the dope I need
Tranchy, tranchy, zoom, you can't go by me
Up the coast is where I be
Burn a tree in Germany
Thirty inch rider, y'all, on them Pee-wee Herman feet
Mafia concerning me, classy, nasty
Maserati photos, see that quatro don't land me
Fifteen thousand dollars on that Polo, that was last week
Purple label to the floor, rock it like the last ki
My life is like a movie, I could act better than Brandy
Oscar prom, Fossil watch, Kim Kardash and Brand B
Black Jeep, black feet, black jet, black heat
White dope, white hope, begging for that black meat


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