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Got caught up in the streets (x16)

(Young Scooter)

Introduced myself to the block and got caught up
You know I got a drug store, I got all the product
We Free Band niggas so the world gon' respect us
One call from migo, you know I fuck the streets up
I don't rap no lyrics nigga, I rap cash money
Don't fuck with Young Scooter, man he known for wrappin' dummies
I gotta wash my money out because I got dirty money
I'm ridin' around flexin', I'm just paper chasing 100's
You don't got no plug, get yo' ass out the streets
Always getting tricked nigga because you super sweet
Caught up by yo' van nigga, come and shop with streets
Finessing pulling juggs nigga, money got me geeked


Got caught up in the streets, I hustled on my feet
Made 80 k a week, put leather on the seats
And chrome on the tire, riding with the yayo
I'm lookin' for a buyer, dropped out of school so I can build up my empire
The streets get scary in the dark, Michael Myers
I'm lookin' for a junkie, who wanna get higher
I'll serve yo' uncle, auntie, I'm no discriminator
I'm drinkin' on Promethazine, Tropicana flavor
Finessing like a fooley half a million in a Duley
And we don't shoot commercials, we dont shoot nothin' but movies
The work jumpin' over, no the work it ain't losing
The police bust the spot we ain't moving


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