Young Scooter – Julio Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Scream

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[Hook: Young Scooter] x2
I got them dirty birds call me Julio
Soon as the work touch, we make it Julio
Me and my plug sipping Don Julio
You Out Of Bounds, we touching down like Julio

[Verse: Young Scooter]
One o’clock, Sunday pack, touchdown
All green grass stretch a hundred yards
Waiting on a jugg them my Florida Boys
Say you want some dolphins ask me what I charge
I Julio to work, gone re-mix that bond
I got hail Mary money, cause my money long
I got them dirty birds, I’m talking falcons
You know I jugg and count on every beat I’m on


[Verse: Young Scooter]
I catch everything my plug throw, just like Julio
I got that roddy white, get four for eighty-four
Superbowl bout to work, touching down in it
Hail mary bout to embarrass your secondary
Fourth and one, we going for it cause it’s necessary
Been bird man a hundred cause its necessary
We just trying to win the superbowl in February
Harry Douglas clutchman 88 the veteran


[Verse: Future]
I make your main bitch do the hoola-hoop
I made a million dollars do the arthur blanks
Just hit me with a address I can send em too
You wanna hit this molly, take a hit of drank.
My gold audemar, cost a quarter ticket
Serve a lot of dope, swereve a lot of Benzes
I got my trap jumpin and my diamonds jumpin
I got my niggas with me, wanna kill somethin


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