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(Intro : Yung God Talking)

Glasses on deck, can't see like me
A Honor Roll on my dick, no B's
5 years old when I learned how to read
Small ass shorts, barely reach to my knees

Word around town I'm the smartest in the city
Hoes on my dick cause I make my own theories
Hoes on my dick cause I'm finna be the mayor
World of Warcraft, I'm the number one player

Run up in class strapped with a calculator
Give me one hour, write a five page paper
Hoes on my dick cause I pack my own lunch
Swag on my dick cause I live in the suburban

Young ass nerd, and I'm proud to be a virgin
Check my outfit, more colors than circus
Beat your ass at chess, then I beat your ass at checkers
Fall off on the campus, and I'm still rockin' Sketchers

I'mma own the place where you hoes get your nails done
Stamp on my test, paper say "Well Done"
Cool kids laugh cause I know all the answers
Give 'em ten years and they be cleanin' up my mansion

Word around town, bitch, I listen to Beethoven
Super, hoes on my dick, I love computers
I love video games
Saved a couple stacks cause I make my own change


Swag like a nerd
Smart like a nerd
Read the dictionary and pronounce every word
Think like a nerd
Proud to be a nerd
I'm proud to be nerd
Proud to be a nerd

Swag like a nerd
Smart like a nerd
Read the dictionary and pronounce every word
Think like a nerd
Proud to be a nerd
Damn I'm a nerd
Bitch I'm a nerd


Nerds out here we trapping in the Scholarship game
We tryna get a scholarship motherfucker an Academic Scholarship
You feel me? Niggas tryna hit licks on a young ass nerd you feel me
They tryna cheat off my test they tryna hit licks on my notes cause I take advanced notes you feel me?
But they don't understand my notes Im too motherfuckin smart
Get on World Of Warcraft I beat yo' ass nigga
Nerds on deck, I see the nerds I love all nerds you feel me?
I got nerds for real.. I got friends for nerds nigga..
Yung God

Yeah yeah back in school I used to fuck with the nerds hard too dude
Yeah I used to love the Nerds man I fuck with nerds I STILL fuck with Nerds
Man they spit that knowledge man
And they teach me how to be good at them Video Games nigga
But hey, I fucks with the Nerds for real

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