Yung Lean – Nitevision Lyrics

Produced By: Yung Gud

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[Verse: Yung Lean]
Nitevision in my armor
Yeah, I took it over

Watching Space Jam
Lean's never sober
Stunting with my team
Is your baby's mama dream
I'm so icy, I'm so clean
Sad Boys and Yung Lean
Drive a body down in my Range Rover
Trying to calm me down like I'm Oprah
Police knocking on my window
But it's like I told ya:
Soon as they approach us, squash 'em like c-c-cock-a-roaches

[Hook: Bladee]

[Verse 2: Yung Lean]
Sad Boys season, I'm in space for a reason
Coke on my clothes, counting stacks up in Sweden
My trees spent, let me, let me get me some
Three headed dolphin, it's the threesome
Lean, lean and Hennessy and sprite
With the cheese and the Mac to your back
Make you believe in religion
Found upon gods in the season
, Sad Boys season
Digimon, plane crashes, smoke hash til the ashes
Vietnam flashes
Ecstasy in the glass, yep
Iced out patches on my scars but it's rashes
Digimon plane crashes, smoke hash til the ashes
Vietnam flashes

[Hook: Bladee]

Arizona.. Arizona, Arizona
Arizona Iced Out Boys

Emotional Boys
Taking over the noise
Nitevision, camera flashes
Smoke hash til the ashes
Sad Boys
Shout outs to Gud on the beat
Shout outs to Mr. PP on the streets

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