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[Verse 1]
I've go no time to waste how could I ever get wasted
I'm on a special team, nothing better to do then place kick
Up at Havoc place kicking it with the waitress
From the waffle house who just finished serving me Angus
Grubbing with the team had civilians observing greatness
It only makes sense when you make cents
Take it in either direction it go the same way
Only way to make change is to make change
So everyday we on our pesos
Switching up this flow to help them create they flow
Flights to puerto rico that make Americans hate home
With some bad native chicks shaking acting a A-hole
When in reality all they salaries J Low
The scenery just prettier then the culdesac that they stay on
The result of controlled substances fighting with the rightness
In their mind trying to guide em to enlightenment so they

Roll Up them boys passin the dro
Pour Up nigga we passed on the 4
YM in this bitch and yo ass at the door
I came way too far and got way too fly
For you to say I ain't the shit like you ain't got two eyes
4 Cups and I'm in it
4 Blunts and I'm in it
4 Pills and I'm in it
You know my niggas is winning
4 Cups and I'm in it
4 Blunts and I'm in it
4 Pills and I'm in it
You know my niggas is winning
4 Cups and (we on)
4 Blunts and (we on)
4 Pills and (we on)
You know my niggas (we on)
4 Cups and (we on)
4 Blunts and (we on)
4 Pills and (we on)
Know I ain't driving home

[Verse 2]
What the fuck is your name if only I could remember
Just met you yesterday and its only 1 am
So it wasn't that long ago said I'd call you after the show
Honestly I was playing draw something when I said I was saving your name in my phone
So I was probably lying but to be truthful you just had bad timing
Didn't really wanna blow you off but I had too
Your nose told me you just left the bathroom
White on white violence just reminding
Why the nigga pining wrist is blinding everybody in the line of sight
Times is trying but deciding to recline because the price is right, right
Trying to write the audible form of what he pushing
High just smelling what the rock is cooking if you looking
Just as the substance rushing in the veins of the name on the pedestal
It be the same names telling you, you gotta

[Bridge + Hook]

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